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So you've finally got the ring... now what?

Well, you are now on the start of a very exciting journey! Wedding dress shopping is uncharted territory for most, so we have put together this FAQ page covering our most asked questions to help you out. 

The bridal industry is a whole different world compared to your high street shopping experience, so we recommend you having a read through everything outlined below. If you're still feeling completely lost and have no idea where to even start, please feel free to call or email us to chat through anything you want to know. 

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Your Appointment

At LV Couture, we have a way of doing things, so please make sure you have a read through how we operate before you book.

We operate by appointment only, which means we can give you our undivided attention. Plus, you get the whole boutique to yourself! Each bridal appointment is 2 hours long, which we think is more than enough time to find your perfect wedding dress. 

We'll welcome you into the boutique where we will discuss what it is you're wanting in a wedding dress, your wedding plans and current likes. You'll then get to browse through our extensive range of designer dresses to try on... and this is where the fun begins! We'll try on some veils and hair accessories to complete your look, with the hopes that you'll find your perfect wedding dress and say 'YES'!

We are known for our down to earth nature, and fun attitude, so trust us ... you're in safe hands! 

do you charge for appointments?

Yes, there is a small non-refundable appointment fee upon booking an appointment.
Fees & further information can be found on our booking page. 

when should i start shopping for my dress?

We always advise that you start shopping at least a year in advance. It’s best to allow 8-10 months before your wedding date to order a dress, as this ensures that your dress can be made, delivered and fitted in good time.

If you have less than 8 months before your wedding, and don't have a dress - don’t panic! We can still order dresses in time but this will incur rush fees. Alternatively, you can take home one of our ready to wear dresses. If you have any further questions or concerns, then please get in touch with us.

what is the price range of the dresses?

Our special-order designer dresses start from £1,000 and can go up to £3,000.
Off-the-rack samples can be much less, with the majority being marked down between 50-75%, although prices vary.

All dress prices exclude alterations and pretty much every gown will require some adjustments to make it a perfect fit.

what sample sizes do you carry? will they fit me?

Our dresses range from a size 4-16 with majority being a size 14.
It's more than likely that they wont fit you perfectly, but we always do our best to give you an indication of how the dress would fit. Imagination may be required, but we will talk you through everything about sizing and discuss the sizing options for you. 

how many people can i bring with me?

We ask that you bring a maximum of 3 guests. No young toddlers/children please. Babies in prams are allowable.

We advise you to only bring your closest family or friend whose opinion you value the most. It's such a big moment and big decision, you only want supportive people there with you! Trust us! 

The Order Process

We always try to be upfront and honest with you when it comes to the order process. We want you to know that timing is super important when ordering your wedding dress.

We will run you through everything... we will talk you through your measurements and what we feel is the best size to order, we'll give you an estimate arrival date of your dress so you'll have an indication of when you should be expecting your dress to arrive in with us and we'll run you through our flexible payment options. 

We are upfront about our costings, and you'll receive a bride booklet from us which talks you through everything that happens after, plus we are always easy to reach if you ever need to ask us a few more questions!

We aim to make the order process as easy and stress free as possible. We'll keep an eye on dates too so that we leave you enough time to have your alterations. 

what happens after i say yes to the dress?

First, we will take your measurements on the day and we will go through together the best size to order for you. We'll then get all your paperwork ready for you to read through and sign.

For special-order dresses, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your order. We can accept payment in full too if you'd prefer.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Visa Electron, as well as bank transfer, PayPal and cash. We do not accept cheques.

how long does my dress take to come in?

All designers have their own time frame on how fast they can make your dress. We do our best to give you an estimated arrival date upon ordering, however, we can never guarantee a fixed delivery date. 

Usually, dresses take between 6-9 months to be made, so you'll have a bit of a wait until you come back to see us again.  If you've opted for a 'rush order', usually you're looking around the 4-6 months time frame. 

Once your dress arrives into store, we always do our quality control checks first to make sure everything is looking perfect. We will then notify you via email & text message that your beautiful dress is in store and ready for you to come and try her on. 

i want to purchase your sample - how does this work?

If you are purchasing one of our ready to wear samples, you’ll need to pay in full and take the dress away on the same day. Unfortunately we cannot offer storage for ready to wear samples. You will, however, be provided with a free hanger and bridal dress bag to take the dress home in for safe keeping and transport. 

It is important to note that we do not accept any returns or exchanges on ready to wear/sale dresses. All sales are final and the dresses are sold as seen so please make sure you are happy before purchasing. 

i've had a change of heart, can i cancel my order?

Short answer is no, you can't cancel your order once you have paid your deposit. All orders are final and deposits are non-refundable. The remaining dress balance will still need to be paid when the dress is ready. When you sign our documentation, you are entering into a legally binding contract which cannot be cancelled. 

We will not buyback your dress and we do not exchange any dresses under any circumstance. Our terms and conditions outline our condition of sale; if you would like a copy then please get in touch. 

Unlike other bridal shops, we will NEVER push you into making a decision that you aren't ready to make. We understand that buying a wedding dress is a big deal, and as you're spending a lot of money doing so, we will never ever use 'pushy' or 'forceful' sale tactics on you. We encourage you to leave the appointment to sleep on things if need be... Everyone is so different when it comes to making a decision, so only purchase when you know you are ready.

The Alterations

So when it comes to wedding dresses, very rarely you will be able to order a dress (unless its made to measure) that fits you like a glove. Alterations will most likely be needed to make sure that you get that perfect fit. 

Typically, the most common things that happen in your alterations are the straps and the length of the dress. In most cases, you'll need a few further nips and tucks, but ultimately the seamstress will work with you to make sure that you feel confident and comfortable! 

One of the biggest things we get asked is, "what happens if I lose weight?" Well, as this if a very common thing for brides to do before their wedding date, we say its always easier to take the dress in than to have to let out. Dresses can typically be taken in 2-3 dress sizes. 

We are fortunate to work with a super talented seamstress who focuses on bridal dresses. All of our brides have commented and said how fabulous she is, so you are in very safe hands. 

do you offer alterations? 

All alterations are done with our out of house seamstress, Maria.

Maria is an independent seamstress based in Henley-in-Arden, where she has her own studio. Maria can meet brides at the boutique on request and during the weekdays only for fittings, or brides can visit her at her studio during weekdays and weekends. All fitting appointments must be booked directly through Maria. You will receive her details once your dress has arrived in the boutique. 

Brides are under no obligation to use Maria, however, Maria is highly commended by all of our past brides. 

Normally, you will have around 2-3 fittings with Maria to get your dress to fit perfectly. Please note that all alteration fees are not included in the price of your dress, and will be quoted by Maria once she sees you in your dress. 

when should i book in with the seamstress?

Once you've come in to try your dress on for the first time, we recommend that you make your fitting appointments straight after with a seamstress to secure your dates. Generally, they will be about 4-12 weeks before your wedding day.

how much are alterations?

Really, it all depends on what you need doing to the dress. The seamstress will only quote you when she has seen you in the dress and can see what needs doing.

Generally, we advise budgeting around £300-£400, but please know that any additional customisations may incur extra charges.